Top 5 questions you should ask a lawyer in Pennsylvania

Although, getting a capable attorney to represent your case in court of law matters a lot, you’ll have to keep a track of the charges of the attorney in lieu of his or her services. So here are top 10 questions you must ask your potential attorney in Pennsylvania-

What is your attorney’s hourly rate?

It is always important to actually select an attorney who doesn’t charge too high or too low of an hourly fee. Sure thing, you can’t find a capable attorney, who will charge you nearly peanuts, but on the other hand, of course, you can’t blow off a hefty amount on an hourly basis/

What would be estimated fees for representing your case?

It is always advisable to get an estimate on the total expenses involved in this case, and hiring an attorney blindly without really knowing the rough estimate of his/her charges, may turn out to be quite disastrous.

Would your attorney consider working for a flat fee?

Flat fee is always considered to be a better option than paying hourly fee. Only big organizations prefer to hire the services of an attorney on hourly basis, and the individuals must always look out for good attorneys, who’re willing to fix their rates.

Would a contingency fee arrangement be possible?

Many lawyers offer contingency fee basis contract, which essentially mean that you’ll have to pay for their services only if you win the case, and otherwise you don’t even need to spend a penny out of your pocket.

Are there are hidden fees involved, such as phone call reimbursements etc?

More often than not, if you don’t fix the total cost of the services of your attorney, you’ll get shocking surprises at the end of the day. It has been reported that several lawyers even claim phone call reimbursements, travel charges and other similar expenses, from their client. These expenses are not known to the client upfront, and they may add up to a good portion of expenses in the overall budget.

Above all, it is extremely important to put all the agreed terms and conditions into a legal contract. You must never agree to work without a legal contract with your attorney. So, choose your attorney sensibly, and take care of the abovementioned issues before you enter into a contract with your lawyer.