How to be safe from Hackers ?

Now-a-days everyone is using internet tremendously on daily purpose. Some may just use it for fun and others for work. Lot of people do banking and business stuff online and so it is really necessary to be on safer side as just one bad move can destroy your entire life.

Perquisite Tips:

Never Trust Open/Free Wifi: I know, we’re tend to attract those places who offer free wifi right ? But guess what ? 80% of those places are vulnerable and even a script kiddie can hack you.

Never Share any of your online based Info: Now this part is tricky, we all know that is obvious not to share our online stuff but hackers are smart, they exploit you with many other techniques and you won’t even know you’re being hacked. One of my friend recently got a call for some FREE Bonus Credit Card Balance and as the call was fake and considering my friend was dumb enough that he shared his credit card details. He suffered loss of $8,000 within 2 days. And he is not able to file a police case as it involves to much international laws biased country base.

Once hacker has your Credit Card details they can easily card you as credit card can be used without pass codes for some transactions. This method is known as “CARDING”.

So remember not to share stuff with other people ever. Because no Bank, Credit Card company will ever ask you your details because they will already have yours in their database. (Yes! but they’ll have high end encryption too.)

I’ve been a Hacker previously myself and so I like to share much about it as much as I can but for today let’s be it and I’ll surely share in my next post. Please stay tuned to for future updates and also if you have any queries or story to share please make sure you comment below :)